Track-Tex™ HT

The Track-Tex™ High-Tension system is installed on-site using a framework of rigid vinyl channels to stretch and lock fabric in place. Get a clean, finished look with our exclusive Track-Tex™ Power Lock Jaw. The Power Lock Jaw design, with its slip-proof mechanism, assures maximum stretch and hold that lasts. This system is suitable for individual panels as well as sewn-seam installations from ½” to 3” thick.

Track-Tex™ HT allows you to mix acoustical fills, tack surface, and wood for reflective requirements and picture hanging. Use a ½” fiberglass fill and flame-retardant fabric to get a Class A flame-spread rating in accordance with the ASTM E-84. Results may vary based on the fabric used.

Features & Benefits

  • Stretch and high-tension grip
  • 3 Different edge details – square, bevel, or radius
  • Sewn-seam installation up to 12 panels
  • No sagging
  • Can be reupholstered
  • Easy removal

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