DFB is the leading manufacturer of high quality interior finish products for the commercial and high-end residential markets.

Founded in 1943, and specializing in interiors for homes, Draperies For Business, now DFB radically shifted the companies focus over the years to the commercial business and A&D community. The multigenerational family-run business, vastly expanded into the world of window shades, decorative wall finishes, and ceiling and wall panel systems.

Located in Long Island City, NY, DFB's services include everything from estimating, to project management, and production all under one roof, ensuring a seamless experience when working with any of our product lines. By manufacturing everything within NYC, clients can expect the highest quality products along with expert installation by our skillful craftsmen.

Due to our scalable manufacturing processes, DFB is geared to handle both small and large projects. Because we make everything we sell, we directly support all of our products with simple and comprehensive warranties.