Fabric Guide for Window Treatments

This guide will help you choose the right fabric for your window treatment project. Choose from one of our current fabric lines for quick construction. DFB is also willing to use your own material to create a custom product.


Represents the relative percentage of solar heat through a combination of glass and specific shadecloth.

  • A shading coefficient equals lower heat gain
  • Light colors have lower shading coefficients than dark colors

Solar Optical Properties
The properties of Sol-R-Control fabrics are used to calculate the combination of any glass and shade fabric.

  • Ts – Total Solar Transmittance
  • As – Total Solar Absorption
  • Rs – Total Solar Reflectance
  • Tv – Visible Light Transmittance
  • Of – Openness Factor

Openness Factor

  • Refers to the fabric’s weave density
  • Darker fabrics woven more tightly are most often desired


  • Hangs flat without buckling  

Flame Retardance

  • Meets the large or small scale vertical burn requirements of the National Fire Protection Association
  • Certified by an independent laboratory