Fusion Line Voltage Motors

The Fusion Line Voltage motor is a quiet motorized shading system, rated at 38-56 dba (sound level dependent on motor type), with the ability to integrate into AV or lighting systems via a dry contact closure, or an isolated relay for local control. One motor can operate up to 5 multi-branded shades and can also be utilized for skylights and angled shades. The intelligent encoded motors are connected via a data bus line that connects seamlessly with most lighting, BMS, & AV systems. It can also be linked to the Horizon system for full automation.

Features & Benefits

  • Only 1-1/2″ between abutting shades
  • Easy setting or changing of limits
  • Wired and/or wireless remotes
  • Compatible with G-Series and Belgian Shade Contract fabric lines
  • Available double-motor tensioning system
  • Available valance, ceiling pocket, and side channels (standard or custom finishes)

ST70 Motor

The DFB ST70 is rated at 40 Dba and can integrate into AV or lighting via a dry contact closure or an isolated relay for basic operation. It’s available with a built-in wireless radio control receiver so all that is required is a J box at the motor location. The DFB ST70 is perfect for skylights and for shades mounted on an incline.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • Used with J boxes
  • Modern raise/lower keypads
  • Reliable wireless controls
  • One motor lifts up to 5 shades
  • Capable of individual or group control

Sol-R-Shade® Wireless Remote Control

A wireless radio frequency remote control system has a built-in receiver inside the line voltage motor. It can be controlled from a single handheld transmitter, a recessed wall remote that can operate single or grouped motors, or a four-channel transmitter that can operate up to four groups. DFB also offers a remote timer to automatically operate the shades that can be used in conjunction with the wall or handheld transmitters.

Check out our Technical Documents for all of your project management needs including wiring diagrams and shop drawings.

Features & Benefits

  • Plug and Play (with simple duplex outlet)
  • One Preset (can be reprogrammed between top and bottom set position)
  • Transmitter with 100′ range (available repeater for additional 100′ range)
  • Available for skylights (with single motor or dual spring tension system (STS) for larger applications)

Sol-R-Shade® Fabric Tension System

The DFB Fabric Tension System uses a dual motor or motor/spring system making it perfect for sloped windows and skylights.

Skylight Roller Shades with Tension

  • Provide taut flat shades
  • Consist of two synchronized tubular motors with electronic controls
  • One motor rolls up fabric while the other takes in the cable
  • Size and weight of shade determine other necessary accessories

Skylight Roller Shades with Motor/Spring

  • Shadeband tautness is provided through resistance
  • One single tubular motor and spring system is used
  • Size and weight of shade determine other necessary accessories