Fusion Low Voltage Motor

The Fusion Low Voltage motor is the quietest in the market, rated 38 dba. It offers a wide range of control options, simplified wiring, and ensures perfect shade alignment. One motor can operate up to 4 multi-branded shades. The intelligent encoded motors operate from a smart power and data panel. Fusion Low Voltage offers seamless integration with most lighting, BMS, & AV systems. It can also link into the Horizon system for full automation.

Features & Benefits

  • Smooth 38 Dba ultra-quiet operation
  • Uniform, precision movement of multiple shades
  • Seamlessly integrates with major light control systems
  • Convenient one touch control from modern keypads and/or handheld remotes
  • Programmable stop points via timer, sun or heat sensors.
  • Equal minimal light gaps on shades
  • Compatible with G-SeriesSol-R-Control, and Belgian Shade® Contract fabric lines
  • Available valance, ceiling pocket, and side channels (standard or custom finishes)


  • Operating voltage: Low Voltage, Class 2, 24V Fusion power supply required
  • Control system power supply offers total serge protection, system will hold programmed information for one year
  • Fusion smart panel carries data and power in one line
  • System keypads can control any unit, group, or subgroup without a separate group controller or additional interface up to 255 motors
  • System groups or subgroups can be reconfigured at the point of control without rewiring and without access to the unit
  • Controls within this ystem are able to operate any group or subgroup of the unit regardless of the window treatment type


  • Contact closure RS232 and Ethernet available to integrate with AV equipment such as timeclocks and security systems


  • Fusion shades can be controled by a keypad, timer, or sun & heat sensors using the Horizon Sol-R-Trac system
  • Fusion keypads are low voltage
  • Fusion Light Link will integrate with Lutron & Crestron systems while using their components.