Project Description



Building Size:
150,000 sqft

Studios Architecture, Nike’s Workplace Design, Connectivity (WD+C)

Contract Manager:
J.T. Magen & Company Inc.

DFB Products:

Nike expanded its operations by opening the NYC headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, which will serve as the company’s hub for New York City and the Eastern United States. Nike opened the stunning new space in 2017, which spans 150,000 square feet and includes multiple common areas, a basketball court, a library, two terraces, and a fitness room. With an industrial feel throughout the space, DFB’s Vitruv finish, Carrera, compliments the interiors well. The space, which highlights amazing New York sports moments and Nike athletes,  captures the history of the company, through the lens of NYC.

Nike workplace designer: Yosa Huggins, Nike brand designer: Michael Spoljaric, Nike producer: Jeni Reetz, Nike construction program manager: John Shipman.


Vitruv is a decorative, hand applied, concrete finish. With a variety of textures to choose from, Vitruv will add style to any space. Vitruv is a customizable product, therefore, we work closely with designers to achieve their vision. The product is highly durable, making it ideal for high traffic commercial, residential, and retail spaces

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