SWELL consists of a series of individual modular panels that can be mixed and matched allowing you to create the most creative design. The unique elliptical shaped panels are designed to form together, go on top of a fabric wrapped panel, or between the fabric wrapped panel.  Available in 6 standard contours 2”-4”-6”-8”-10” & 12” widths in corresponding radius details. The elliptical design, in conjunction with our foam-core material on a reflective backing, maximizes the acoustic. The Noise Reduction Coefficient, or NRC is a .90, will satisfy any acoustical requirements. If a higher rating is required a 1/4” – 1/2” air space between the panel and the wall, then panels can be created to get close to a 1.0.

Panels can be run vertically or horizontally, wall to wall and ceiling to floor. End cap are available if the end of the SWELL panel is exposed.

SWELL is designed for an efficient installation, most of the fabrication of your final design is completed in our shop and ready to install.

As the manufacturer and installer of a variety of wall-upholstery systems, DFB is committed to delivering products of the highest quality in the most sustainable way. We live up to this commitment with a rigorous program of quality control, customer service, and dependable installations. All of DFB’s wall upholstery systems carry a one-year limited warranty.

Swell Overview

Swell is available in 6 different width sizes 2”-4”-6”-8”-10”-12” each one having the perfect proportions that compliments the elliptical shape. The base of the panels consists of a high density foam-core substrate that is very resilient and extremely acoustical. There are 4 design options to choose from, see the sizes and options section.

  • Multiple design options.
  • SWELL Contours can be used in combination with a flat fabric panels
  • High Noise Reduction Coefficient of .9 – 1.
  • Two easy ways to install
  • Most of the fabrication is done before shipping
  • No extra charge for lengths up to 12 feet
  • Custom thickness and widths are available
  • High density Foam-Core that keeps it’s shape
  • Short lead times
  • Wrapped in 100% pure new wool and approved COM fabrics
  1. Product to conform to the elevations per finish plan
  2. All shop drawing must be approved before fabrication can commence
  3. Sample to be submitted for approval
  4. Inspect job site before finial measurements are taken
  5. Work shall not proceed until all unsatisfactory conditions have been fully resolved
  6. Install panels in proper alignment and in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and shop drawings
  7. Install fabric so texture and grain shall run in the same direction or as designed
  8. All areas to be signed off as accepted before leaving

Panel Widths

Swell Gallery