DFB’s multipurpose draperies offer a wide range of fabrics and styles for any commercial or residential space. Drapery for business provides the option for a private or open office concept. Draperies can be used to create privacy zones, including wellness areas, quiet spaces, semi-enclosed focus rooms, and room dividers.

Select from the 4 most popular drapery styles.


Ripplefold is the most popular option. This heading traverses the track or hardware without friction, creating a floating aesthetic. Ripplefold headings are hung below the track or hardware.


The most traditional heading style, offering a clean look that can be applied in a wide range of interiors. Each pleat is composed of three evenly spaced folds.


This style uses flat pleating to create a more geometric aesthetic. Box Pleat often requires the application of a heavy-duty buckram.


Grommet with Pole: Creates a uniform, structured look. Equidistant circles are cut and metal grommets are secured, allowing the curtain rod to slide through seamlessly. The grommets can be specified as #8 (1″ diameter with a 3/8″ rim) or #7 (1-1/2″ diameter with a 1/2″ rim).

Grommet with Hooks: This modern and functional heading is also available with hooks. Hanging below the track, single hooks are attached to each grommet, securing the drapery to the track.

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