Drapery adds style and personality to any project. DFB offers a wide variety of fabrics and styles that can be mixed and matched to frame windows or divide spaces. Drapery works with hand-drawn, cord-drawn, or motorized systems and can be lined, unlined, or interlined. Trimmings and tie-backs are available.


Soft folds smoothly flow across the full width of a window opening with the Ripplefold heading. The curtain hangs below the track allowing for a frictionless traversing motion. The tailored effect is suitable for commercial or residential applications.


This is the most common heading system used because it is economical and reliable. Pleats can be 4″ or 6″ high with a 4″ spacing and 3 folds.


Grommet headings use either medium or large brass or chrome grommets that are set into a 4″ triple-top heading. The grommets can be specified as #8 (1″ diameter with a 3/8″ rim) or #7 (1-1/2″ diameter with a 1/2″ rim). An appropriately sized brass or chrome pole is inserted through the grommets.

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