Building Size:
55,000 sqft

NELSON Worldwide

Construction Manager:
Atlas Construction Management

DFB Products:
SWELL Acoustical Panels™,& Panel-Tex Vertical and Horizontal Panels

Greystone’s open office gave us the opportunity to install our acoustical panels on nearly every wall. We enjoyed taking on the challenge of installing elevated SWELL Acoustical Panels™, that were raised approximately 10 feet above the ground. We had to customize the lengths of these panels during the manufacturing phase, in order to accommodate the various elements on the ceiling. DFB also installed our standard Panel-Tex panels in the private offices, as well as  horizontal panels on two large walls in the common areas. Our Panel-Tex wall system contributed positively to the companies aesthetic, while also serving to minimize noise.

Fabricate a remarkable environment with fabric wall panels. Mix and match our diverse line of cost-effective systems to design the solution that’s right for you. DFB will install custom fabric wall panels to bring your vision to life.

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