Project Description


Li Fung

Building Size:
181,000 sqft


General Contractor:
Icon Interiors

DFB Products:
Vitruv, Manual &
Motorized Sol-R-Shades,
Track Tex

Li and Fung Limited resides on the sixth floor of the Empire State Building. Full-height frameless glass walls and doors draw visitors in to admire the merchandise and display, which is complimented by the neutral color palette.


The clients original vision was to create an industrial atmosphere by having an exposed concrete wall finish, which was achieved through the customization of our Vitruv product. Ultimately, the usage of our product greatly reduced costs.


Vitruv is a decorative, hand applied, concrete finish. With a variety of textures to choose from, Vitruv will add style to any space. Vitruv is a customizable product, therefore, we work closely with designers to achieve their vision. The product is highly durable, making it ideal for high traffic commercial, residential, and retail spaces

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