Building Size:
312,000 sqft


Construction Manager:
JRM Construction

DFB Products:
SWELL Acoustical Panels™ & Vitruv

Peloton has relocated its corporate headquarters to a 312,000 square foot office space at Hudson Commons. Working closely with the designers, DFB manufactured and installed hundreds of 4″ SWELL Acoustical Panels™ in the lobby and common areas. For this particular project, a large portion of the SWELL Acoustical Panels™ were installed elevated and on curved surfaces. While acoustics always play a large part when specifying SWELL Acoustical Panels™ ,with an NRC of 1.0, our half round panel system also adds an impressive design element.

With neutral tones throughout the space, using our bright white, Buttercoat Vitruv finish seemed fitting. Vitruv was applied to the walls, complimenting the panels, as well as on various columns throughout the office.

Fabricate a remarkable environment with fabric wall panels. Mix and match our diverse line of cost-effective systems to design the solution that’s right for you. DFB will install custom fabric wall panels to bring your vision to life.

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