Project Description


Southpoint Capital

Building Size:
30,000 sqft


General Contractor:
Tristar Construction

DFB Products:
Vitruv, Fusion Motorized
Sol-R-Shades, Track-Tex

A hudge fund located at 1114 Avenue of the Americas on the 22nd floor, this office is exposed to a lot of natural day light and also had an area that faced their next-door neighbor’s AC units. The design firm chose a 3% openness G series factor to control daylight while still maintaining the Bryant Park views. As an add value of customization to improve the space, DFB custom printed nature scenes to cover the AC units. Vitruv was applied in the reception area using BC 1651 Color: White Dove. Track-Tex was installed on the dropped ceilings in the conference rooms.


Panel-Tex are prefabricated panels that are custom manufactured according to field dimensions within 1/32″. Each panel is upholstered by a qualified technician to ensure precise alignment of patterns and weaves. They are then installed on-site by our own skilled craftspeople.

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