Below is a glimpse of our G-Series fabrics, available in a variety of openness factors. Reference our Shade Fabric Guide to better understand the fabric most suitable for your next project.

G10: Durable, contract shade fabric. Most versatile option, available in a range of openness factors (1%, 3%, 5%, 10%). Ability to use multiple openness factors per project depending on needs. (Snow, Oatmeal, Platinum, Dove, Gunmetal, Coffee, Graphite)

G10-A: Metalized backing, Verosol, is applied, reflecting sunlight away from buildings. White fabric, no glare issues. Black fabric, no heat issues. 3% (Snow, Oatmeal, Platinum, Gunmetal, Coffee, Graphite)

G10-B: Acoustical roller shade fabric, offering a 0.6 Noise Reduction Coefficient rating. 3% & 5%
(Snow, Oatmeal, Platinum, Gunmetal, Coffee, Graphite)

G20: Similar to G10, but with larger basketweaves. 3% & 5% (Snow, Oatmeal, Platinum, Dove, Coffee, Graphite)

G30: Dual-sided shade fabric. For the standard, white is always on the back, paired with 6 colorways. 3% & 5% (Snow, Sand, Cloud, Ash, Umber, Basalt)

G35: Acoustical roller shade fabric, with thicker, dual-sided, twill weave yarn. 1% & 3%
(Birch, Snow, Ash, Oatmeal, Ozark, Coffee, Parchment, Sand, Cobblestone, Huskie, Galveston, Ebony, Gunmetal)

G40: 15% openness factor, the largest openness factor we offer. (Snow, Sand, Graphite)

G45: Cradle to Cradle certified PVC Free fabric, available in various openness factors. 1%, 3%, 5%
(1%, 3%, 5%). (Snow, Frost, Oatmeal, Camel, Birch, Steel, Coffee)

G50: Cradle to Cradle certified fabric, making it 100% recyclable. 3%
(Snow, Oatmeal, Camel, Silver, Slate, Seal, Midnight)

G55: Recyclable & PVC Free. This fabric has 100% Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) based yarn, allowing the shade fabric to be recycled back into new shade fabrics in a continuous cycle. 1%, 3%, 5% (Cotton, Almond, Wheat, Stone, Barley, Nickel, Midnight, Bark, Slate)

G60: Traditional PVC Free roller shade fabric. 5% (Oyster, Sand, Pearl, Fog, Charcoal, Ebony)

G70: Blackout fabric with G10 laminate. (Snow, Cream Cheese, Platinum)

G75: Blackout fabric. (Dove White, White, Pearl, Latte, Seal, Cocoa, Slate, Black)

G80: Blackout fabric with a smoother, softer texture, offering the most colors in our blackout line. (White, Linen, Ivory,  Camel, Canyon, Mushroom, Graphite, Coffee, Black)

G85: Vinyl, budget friendly blackout fabric. (White, Alabaster, Pewter, Slate, Black)
*To prevent light leakage, use Side & Sill Channels for blackout shade fabrics to cover any excess light.

G90: Vinyl coated polyester fabric that is highly durable, yet lightweight in nature. Available in 3%, 5%, & 10% openness factors. (White, Eggshell, Beige, Silver Birch, Grey, Shadow Grey, Black/Brown)

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