Sol-R-Shade® Overview

DFB’s Sol-R-Shade® System is constructed of high quality, durable materials made to efficiently manage heat and glare for years to come. The technically developed solar mesh cloth reduces the sun’s rays allowing your project to be more energy efficient. Sol-R-Shade® systems can be manually operated, or easily motorized and integrated with business management systems, lighting controls, wireless controls, and automated sun sensors.

Increase productivity and comfort in the home or office by using our Sol-R-Shade® system to reduce glare, all while maintaining outside views. DFB’s manufacturing processes are scalable, which means we can manufacture shades to fit any size dspace. Select fabrics from our Sol-R-Control or G-Series lines, or provide us with an existing fabric or idea, for a fully customize experience.

Explore our Fabric Openness Guide to help choose the right Sol-R-Shade® fabric for your next project.

Sol-R-Shade® Gallery