Durable and functional, Track-Tex™ acoustical panels add style to any space. This site-installed ceiling and wall upholstery system is created by a framework of rigid channels. Track-Tex™ allows you to mix acoustical fills, tack surfaces, and wood for reflective requirements or picture hanging. The fabric of your choice is then installed on-site into the channels. This allows the flexibility to conform to the unique features of individual spaces. SURROUND for Track-Tex™ TS allows you to integrate architectural metal trim in-between and around fabric panels.


Track-Tex™ stretched fabric panels complement any design with the products various details, acoustical substrates, and customizable fabric options. Use our High Tension System for maximum stretch and hold, or choose our Tuck System for grid layouts and curved walls. Track-Tex™ can also be used on ceilings.

Please contact a DFB Sales Representative for a copy of the Track Tex Fire Test Report.

Track-Tex™ Projects